I would like to hear a specific song on AM1700. How do I make a request?

There are two options:
1)     Just call the request line at 734.217.8624.
2)     Submit an electronic request through our electronic request line by going HERE.
3)     Hit us up on TWITTER @AM1700.
4)     Drop us an IM with Google Talk at AM1700Radio.
5)     Friend us on Facebook at AM1700 and get special access to the express request line.

Can I come to the station and hang out?

While we don’t encourage this, the corporate offices for AM1700 are located at street level at the corner of Pearl and North Washington streets in the heart of Historic Downtown Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Do you play music by unsigned artists or bands?

Yes. The majority of music we play is by artists or bands that are unsigned or on independent labels. We support local, independent music and musicians.

How do I submit music to AM1700?

You can send it through the mail to us at:

33 1/3 North Washington Street
Ypsilanti, MI  48197

Or you can submit it to us electronically as well HERE.
Please be sure to include you band’s name, location, and five or six sentences telling us what you’re all about.

Can I advertise on AM1700?

Yes. As an independent, community radio station we are a committed to supporting local area businesses, organizations, and events.

How do I promote a show at a club on AM1700?

At 4:15PM and 9:15PM each day we read the AM1700 Concert Calendar. We list shows in the Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor area as well as those in Detroit. We also do ticket giveaways. For more information on how to get your show listed on the AM1700 Concert Calendar, contact the station.

I live in the Ypsilanti area and would like to be involved with AM1700, how can I volunteer?

To become a DJ at AM1700 you must first attend one of our new volunteer meetings. After that, prospective volunteers will be expected to participate in other areas to show their commitment to the station. Everyone must attend a DJ orientation meeting (held bi-annually) then apply through the audition process. DJs are required to play a wide variety of music from different genres as well as promoting our playlist. AM1700 offers a variety of specialty shows if a DJ wishes to focus on a specific genre or time period.

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