The Saturday Six Pack With Mark Maynard, Episode 50

From an old converted barbershop inside the area’s largest all-nude strip club comes the fiftieth episode of the Saturday Six Pack With Mark Maynard. Moving from print media, Mark Maynard brings his interview style to the world of AM radio.

University of Michigan professor and Star Trek aficionado Juan Cole joins Mark to breakdown why the PBS Newshour does not provide alcohol for its guests. He also explains why community radio is a much better medium than cable news.

Up next, radical political activist and rock photographer Leni Sinclair sits down with Mark to discuss, among other things, escaping East Germany, police entrapment, her ex-husband Jon, who should or shouldn’t take credit for bombing things, as well as her desperate search for her replacement as head of the Detroit Artists Workshop.

The show ends with Adriana Zardus and Jeri Rosenberg of WonderFool Productions talking with Mark about exciting new ways Washtenaw County is spending Act 88 monies as they lay out their plans for a Downtown Ypsilanti Halloween celebration.

Released 24 September, 2016

Recorded live at AM1700 Radio in historic, downtown Ypsilanti, MI.

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