The Saturday Six Pack With Mark Maynard, Episode 15

From an old converted barbershop inside the area’s largest all-nude strip club comes the fifteenth episode of the Saturday Six Pack With Mark Maynard.

Moving from print media, Mark Maynard brings his interview style to the world of AM radio. In the first hour, Mark sits down with Nathan Phillips to get to the bottom of an act of racism against Native Americans. Later, Michelle Lietz and Chris Sutton of Eastern Michigan University’s Native American Student Organization discuss how the progress over Native Americans as mascots that was fought for over 20 years ago at EMU is beginning to erode. In the second hour, photographer Doug Coombe discusses the Detroit music scene. Matt Siegfried gives the 1820’s installment of the People’s History of Ypsilanti. Finally, J.T. Garfield and Martha Schmitt stop by to play some songs with the hope of the audience giving their band a new name.

Released 2 May, 2015

Recorded live at AM1700 Radio in historic, downtown Ypsilanti, MI.

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