The Saturday Six Pack With Mark Maynard, Episode 13

From an old converted barbershop inside the area’s largest all-nude strip club comes the thirteenth episode of the Saturday Six Pack With Mark Maynard.

Moving from print media, Mark Maynard brings his interview style to the world of AM radio. In the first hour, Mark talks with Yen Azzaro about running an art gallery before Yen drops the mother of all bombshells on the Six Pack audience. Chris Sandon and Jim Cherewick talk about what it’s live together for a couple of weeks exclusively in Red Roof Inns. Later, board games are swapped for cheap wine from Ann Arbor. In the second hour, Brigid Mooney brings in another funny customer. Finally, Peter Larson flies in all the way from Kenya so he and Mark can reminisce about the first time they met before Peter plays a bunch of songs.

Released 18 April, 2015

Recorded live at AM1700 Radio in historic, downtown Ypsilanti, MI.

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