The Saturday Six Pack With Mark Maynard, Episode 34

From an old converted barbershop inside the area’s largest all-nude strip club comes the thirty-fourth episode of the Saturday Six Pack With Mark Maynard.

Moving from print media, Mark Maynard brings his interview style to the world of AM radio. In the first hour, Mark sits down with Daryl Holman and Darius Simpson to discuss “The Black Student 10-Point Plan” that has been proposed for Eastern Michigan University.

In the second hour Mark plays a few clips from an interview he recorded with University of Michigan professor Dr. Paul Edwards. Dr. Edwards was in Paris for the Climate Change Conference. Ethan Wampler from and UofM student Jim Stehlin discuss the upcoming Michigan Climate March. And Mark calls Dr. Ricky Rood for his take on surviving increasing temperatures (spoiler alert: humans will adapt).

Finally, the latest album from The Monkey Power Trio is unleashed on the airwaves. The show ends with Jim Cherewick showing the band how they really should have recorded “Portland Is Doomed (It’s The Moss)”.

Released 5 December, 2015

Recorded live at AM1700 Radio in historic, downtown Ypsilanti, MI.

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