The Saturday Six Pack With Mark Maynard, Episode 46

From an old converted barbershop inside the area’s largest all-nude strip club comes the forty-sixth episode of the Saturday Six Pack With Mark Maynard. Moving from print media, Mark Maynard brings his interview style to the world of AM radio.

This week Mark talks with Ben Stupka from the Regional Transportation Authority of Southeast Michigan (RTA), Gillian Ream Gainsley from the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (AAATA), and Megan Owens of Transit Riders United about the RTA’s regional master plan, the expansion of bus service, commuter rail, this November’s millage election, and just who is going to pay for the train platform in Depot Town (hint: the RTA).

Up next is University of Michigan art professor, Nick Tobier. He and Mark really blow our minds as they discuss his book, “Utopia Toolbox: An Incitement To Radical Creativity”, off-ramp marching band welcoming parties, tiny economic summits on even tinier hilltops, and the pursuit of gentrifying Ypsilanti through real estate development.

The show ends with a fascinating walk down memory lane with Chris Buhalis a he promotes his latest album “Big Car Town” by spinning yarns about long ago open-mic night’s at the Tap Room, Normal Street, growing up in Detroit, and songs that make fathers proud.

Released 11 June, 2016

Recorded live at AM1700 Radio in historic, downtown Ypsilanti, MI.

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